Full Name
Markus Gloeckler
Job Title
Chief Technology Officer
Speaker Bio
Markus Gloeckler was appointed Chief Technology Officer in November 2020 after being appointed Co-Chief Technology Officer in July 2020. He is focused on driving First Solar’s thin film PV module technology. Mr. Gloeckler has extensive experience guiding strategic research and development activities and served First Solar as Vice President and Chief Scientist before being promoted to Senior Vice President, Module Research and Development. He was instrumental in enabling First Solar’s achievement of various world records relating to conversion efficiency for CdTe solar cells.

In his role as Vice President of Research, he led the thin film technology transfer from General Electric to First Solar following the intellectual property acquisition in 2013. He joined First Solar in 2005 in an engineering function supporting First Solar’s technology development after the initial launch of the Series 2 module.

Mr. Gloeckler holds an undergraduate degree in microsystems engineering from the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and a Doctor of Philosophy in physics from Colorado State University.
Markus Gloeckler